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Terrence |
Nevermind my comment of Mar. 14 about the Max reunion. Kim has straightened me out on that one! OOPS! Kim is proud of his Max days and the music, but the band is finito.
ANYWAY, the best news yet is that Kim and the boys are working on new material for a new album and from the tunes I've heard at his shows, it's going to be one of the best ever! Seriously!

8 May 2021 - Whitby, Ontario

zooney |
I saw max in toronto in the late seventies, and was convinced they were better than led zep the stones and the beatles. Only jethro tull at the time were a better band
5 May 2021 - kingston

Rocket |
Max Webster. I was perhaps one of the youngest fans, aged 13 that magical night in 1978 in Hamilton Place, on the �Million Vacations� tour, when I was introduced to the electrifying performance of the Webster's on stage. I won the only thing in my life that night..."The Million Vacations Vacation"...although it was suppose to be an exotic Caribbean vacation it ended up being a one way ticket to it would of cost more for me to take the do you think I cared?...not one bit! I felt like the luckiest kid alive that night going back stage and meeting the band. Kimbo took time to meet me. What a talented guy and a class act. I was so influenced by Kim and the band I became a hobby drummer. My only regret that night is that I didn�t get any pictures that night with the band. When I saw the Webster�s at the Toronto music awards they had the same magic. They had trouble going on with the show after the Webster's finished because the crowd was going crazy. I went for run last night listening to the Webster's first album. The reminiscing led me to this web site...great memories!
4 May 2021 - Calgary now

Mike Martel
Cool site for a cool band.
29 April 2021 - Here among the cats

Marke Driesschen | |
I was surfing around the web one night when I came across this site. What a wonderful surprise! It was like taking a trip back in time for me! I've been living here in Vancouver for the past 12 years but I grew up in Southern Ontario and was a HUGE fan of Max. I love the photos, memorabilia and the pre-Max stuff, but I especially like the old audio clips from CHUM-FM and assorted articles. I met Kim and Pye Dubois years ago when I was studying Radio and TV Arts at Seneca College. They both came for an interview at our college radio station. To us, it was like having Lennon and McCartney drop by! Years later, I'm working in radio in Saskatoon and have the opportunity to meet up with Kim during his many shows there. He's not only an incredible musician but a great guy! High class in any shoes!
Thanks again for a great site!
28 April 2021 - Vancouver, B.C.

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