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Aaron Berenblut |
Awesome band, Kim Mitchell just became afternoon man on Q107, a Station in Toronto.
6 September 2021 - toronto

C.G.Benjamin |
Awesome site! Been a fan since the early '80's. I caught them on their reunion tour. QUESTION: In the '80's the CBC in conjunction with CHUM FM brodcasted a Max Webster concert on CBC TV. Does anyone have a copy of that show? Does anyone have access to the CBC archives to find out if a video recording of this show exists?
...."Yogurt Blood, Lunacy Shoes"....
30 August 2021 - London, Ontario

Live Magnetic air was recorded in Sarnia
14 August 2021 - toronto

Damian Dougherty | |
Sublime music is the only way to a truly happy existence.

take it from me... living in a slightly cluttered country ,,Japan.. some truly clever lyrics and a musical tonality that is in harmony with the mood you feel right now.. no other band in the history of the whole thing comes close to providing that slightly disrespectful happiness to you in a repetoir of songs the likes of which Max Webster,,,thanks for taking the lead Kim..
14 August 2021 - Japan

Damian Dougherty | |
I am a fan of Juan Alemparte. This guy should be famous for his ability to throw a song together. More than that he is a genuine great friend and I count him as my best friend even though I havent seen him quite some time these years. A model of how to hold friendships dear.. thanks man
13 August 2021 - Japan

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