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RD Carson |
Bottom line... Max was and still is the most unique and interesting band ever. Saw them with Rush in Ottawa, 77. After 6 encores, the house lights came on and everyone was disappointed. Kim kicks everyone's ass, even another God, Lifeson. In Thunder Bay, Max is still played every day on Rock 94! I would give both of my nuts for an old concert video from the 70s. Yes, I said "both" of them...
3 July 2021 - Thunder Bay, Ontario

Sheldon |
Even though born in the 70's and listening to classic rock my entire life, I have only one thing to say.

HOW THE HELL DID THE TORONTO SUN NOMINATE "A MILLION VACATIONS" AS ONE OF CANADAS TOP 100!? the damn lyrics dont make any damn sense, It's almost the worst song any Canadian ever wrote next to Patio Lanterns! Jeezus I am 28 and they play that dalm song every frickin day on the Bear in Edmonton, I am about ready FRICKIN PUKE!
Lets get that song off the Radio, these guys should go back to their day jobs.
28 June 2021 - EDMONTON BABY!

Gregg Smith |
Does anyone know if there is a video or DVD concert of the early years of Max. I remember watching a live simulcast on City TV as a kid.
When I listen to Max today, It still sounds as great as it did 24 years ago. Truly one of the most creative rock bands ever to come out of Toronto or North America for that matter. Kims guitar sound was way ahead of its time. No guitar player sounded like that then. I still like to play Kims riffs live down here in Florida to see if There is any Canadians in the audience:-)
23 June 2021 - West Palm Beach FL

CP |
Great site. Been a fan of Max since the early years. Remember seeing them in Highschool and at small halls along the way. My kids now listen to the old lp's. It was great to see them with Rush. two great Canadian bands. "cats in the bag"
17 June 2021 - Ontario Canada

Fiona |
Hi guys. Great site. I got into Kim and the boys about 10 years ago when one of my schoolteachers gave me their debut lp to listen to, knowing I was a fan of Rush. Needless to say I've been hooked ever since and I've built up a nice collection of t-shirts, 7", etc. Unfortunately, the only year Max came to Scotland (supporting Rush) was the year I was born. Hope to hop over to Canada to see Kim before he hangs up his guitar for good.
17 June 2021 - Scottish ex-pat in England

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