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Dale | |
First became acquainted with Max back when they were touring with Rush and had done a little studio work with them.

I've been a big fan ever since.

I was sorry to see that they never really caught on here in the states as I thought they should have.

As far as this 46-year-old geezer-rocker is concerned, they were one of the hottest and best rock bands to ever hit the stage!
19 February 2021 - New Hampshire, USA

georg |
really an excellent site -
respect !!
musical greetz from vienna ...
17 February 2021 - austria

James Rooke |
i'm 19 and have been raised on rock and more importantly Kim mitchell/max webster. I remember being a child driving to hamilton (from cambridge) and listening to Y95.3 and signing along. I also had the pleasure of watching Kim Mitchell perform the other summer (in Cambridge). I also remember driving to my cottage the day that Kim Mitchell started his DJ job with Q107. I listened until i was out of range.....
9 February 2022 - Currently Ottawa, ON

what can i add that hasn't already been said? no band even compares to max webster, and scott your awesome site reflects that!
i have a bootleg VHF tape that i ordered in the old pre-dvd days that contains footage wished for here in the guestbook (new music special, fanshawe college promo video, max webster animations etc) nyah nyah
9 February 2022 - niagara, ontario

Silent Knight |
I still fondly recall seeing Max Webster perform at Sutton High School (late 70s sometime). The show had all the feel of the Live Magnetic Air album - and coincidentally after the show on the ride home I remember Q107 playing "Paradise Skies" that night - a perfect capper to an amazing show.
Years later, my sister worked with Kim's sister at Bank of Italy downtown TO, I often saw him pull up in his jeep to pick her up.
Thanks guys for some fab teen memories and awesome party music. Max set the benchmarks for raucous get-down-and-party till ya' puke anthems.
27 January 2022 - Niagara Falls

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