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Morgan | |
I was lucky enough to be introduced to Max around '79 or '80 when one of their tracks was played on the Friday Rock Show with Tommy Vance on Radio 1 in the UK. That was when Radio 1 was worth listening to.

I've been a fan ever since. I've scoured the shops for copies of their albums, and (in the UK at least) 'Hangover' has an entirely different cover than that shown here. Sadly I don't posess a scanner otherwise I'd send a copy in. Mutiny up my sleeve has evaded me, so if anyone has a decent copy they would wish to part with (yeh, right!) I'd love it.

Max are one of the only bands who when I listen to them I cannot help but smile. They're that good.

Thanks for the site!
11 November 2021 - Manchester, UK

Phil Leclerc |
Awesome site, man! Good job! It's about time someone makes a Max Webster site - seeing how they were so influencial to so many of us...
6 November 2021 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Paul Smith |
Great site Scott. AH the memories!!! Fond memories of a 2-4 of blue (stubbies of course), a good buddy, and Max on the turntable. Met Kim at Barrymores in Ottawa in 1982. Real nice guy and totally unpretencious. Grew up in Renfrew, Ont but now work in NS. Max was the soundtrack of my youth.. Cats in the BAG!!!
25 October 2021 - Nova Scotia

Mace |
What ever happened to Pye? ooo lalalo lalaoh lalalo ooo lalalo lalaoh lalalo...
16 October 2021 - Truanta

GuMbY |
I grew up listening to great Canadian bands like Max & Rush. Saw the RUSH/MW tour series. Back when "Million Vacations" was out, man, they SMOKED the peak of their career and everything leading up to it was great too. I was in musical heaven back then.
10 October 2021 - Oshawa

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