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Silent Knight |
I still fondly recall seeing Max Webster perform at Sutton High School (late 70s sometime). The show had all the feel of the Live Magnetic Air album - and coincidentally after the show on the ride home I remember Q107 playing "Paradise Skies" that night - a perfect capper to an amazing show.
Years later, my sister worked with Kim's sister at Bank of Italy downtown TO, I often saw him pull up in his jeep to pick her up.
Thanks guys for some fab teen memories and awesome party music. Max set the benchmarks for raucous get-down-and-party till ya' puke anthems.
27 January 2022 - Niagara Falls

Michael Gregory | |
Thanks so much for doing this site. My whole crew of musician friends in high school were Max-heads and we could never find others like us in Sacramento, California in the late '70s. I was so angry after learning that Kim played Sacramento opening for Bryan Adams and was only billed as "Special Guest". I would've gone in a flash had I known! My travels as a musician have taken me to Canada a few times and I try to pick up whatever Max stuff I can fit in my luggage. Thanks again for a great job!
15 January 2022 - Nashville, Tennessee USA

John McCullough |
Mike Tilka and I (drums) played in a band almost every weekend at University of Windsor 1964 - 1966. I was one of only 2 Canadians - the other 3 were from Rochester New York. We were called the Horny 3+2. We played Animals, Stones and the Kingsmen and the kids loved it. Mike was a real treat to play with - I laughed so hard sometimes I fell off my stool.
11 January 2022 - England for the last 20 years

Dave Hinch | |
I played with Dave Myles for about a year in Sarnia in a Jazz group. How unbelieveable it was to met someone of his calibre. I was wondering if anybody had info as to where he is now.
9 January 2022 - Windsor, Ontario

Scott Feeney
Finally!! The Max site was down over Christmas due to a blown power supply. Everything is now back to normal... or at least whatever passes for normal around here.
7 January 2022 - London, Ont.

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