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Mimi |
Check out this great band from Scandinavia / Finland !!!
12 August 2021

Cool Site... Saw Kim in the early 80s at the Roxx in Barrie (just after Max broke up), then years later at the Kee.

Great Shows.
6 August 2021 - Richmond Hill, Ont.

Keith Wilson
I'm a Sarnia boy. Kim was next door to my class in his homeroom class at St. Clair Secondary School. Big Al's Band and The Grass Company were seminal local bands around 1967 to 1972. Kim was in both of them. They were regulars at school dances and you knew they were something original. Yeah, when you hear Max, you think " summer in Ontario ".
5 August 2021 - London, Ontario

Pat |
Hi, I've been a Max fan for years and love the site. I have scanned the cover of the American release called "Hangover" (the first album). I noticed you didn't have it on your site and was wondering if the site owner wanted me to send them somewhere? My scanner isn't large enough for the whole album but if you want to stitch them together I'd be happy to pass them along.
27 July 2021 - Ancaster, Canada

kartaslo |
Hey Max,
Love your site. Saw kim solo on terre des hommes later on but would really liked to have seen Max at some point.
My brother and I have agreed that Max is the sound of summer in Ontario. Thanks for the site and of course the music for you, for me, for all.
21 July 2021 - A place to stand; a place to grow

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