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Andrew Lounsbury |
My favourite band of all time - I'm so happy this site exists. Thank you.
30 July 2021 - Toronto

Steve W (Ya Who Dee) |
Max is one of the most influential bands in my career, great songs-players-words-shows, etc.....
Absolutely fantastic to see a web site.
Greatt stuff!...And thanks...
21 July 2021 - Cambridge, Ont

Holy shit man...this website is cool!

London Ontario...1977...bush parties,giant bonfires,a 2-4 of Blue...a couple hits of acid...some nice doobs....and Max Webster.

Some of the best days of my life!!

Still one of my all-time fav. bands.

I have a button and tee shirt from the Million Vacations tour still in mint condition.

I have newspaper reviews of the famous RUSH/MAX Tours when they hit London Ont.

I have on video The Max @ Lulu's reunion gig (New Year's)...and I also have on video the Toronto Music Awards reunion in 1990 (I think it was '90).

Aaaaaaand...somewhere on planet Earth is a bootleg audio of Max/Rush at the London Gardens in London Ontario,EITHER '77 or '78...and it sounds damn good too.My friend Rob recorded it...just might have a copy of it around here somewhere!!


16 July 2021 - Guelph Ontario Canada

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KD |
Great job Scott. Been a fan forever. I first saw them at my highschool in Oakville in the mid-seventies - its all a blur 30 years later. Being a big Rush fan also I can remember vividly those Rush/Max shows, what a double bill. I still have some ticket stubs, singles and some eight-tracks of the band. I will never forget the first time I heard that first album, all I could think was this was the CDN answer to another fave, Frank Zappa. Like Zappa, Max was out there and Kim's guitar work was incredible and still is today. Summer in Ontario would not be the same without Max Webster and Kim Mitchell.
15 July 2021 - Burlington

John Evers - Johnny-O | |
Kim Mitchell is one killer Canadian rocker, and we need to show him by nominating him for the 2004 Canadian Walk of Fame. Go to to get him there for 2004! You can nominate him no matter where you live in the world!
14 July 2021 - Ontario, Canada

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