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Carlos Murray | |
Grate site Scott! When I first saw your name I thought it was Kim's nephew Scott building the site. This is pretty kewl that we have a proper dedication to the Max Machine. (It is long overdue!) I just posted the link to this page on the Grateful Dead website discussion board. So hopefully a few of them will come over and check it out.

Akimbo and the Websters have meant a lot to me on a personal level for many many years. The 1st time I saw Kim play was when I was like 5 years old, at Sentry department store in Sarnia. Then later in the School gym at High Park School. (I think Kim would have been about 13 at the time?)

I run into Dave Myles now and then. I'll tell him about this site, and maybe he can take a break from KFC long enough to drop in and say high to the fans. (Old and new alike!)

Keep on rockin!

Carlos Murray
18 June 2021 - Sarnia, Ontario

Jeff Elias |
No Cigarettes......

No Matches.......

I've Got No Fire On Me........
1 June 2021 - Wilfrid

steve macleod |
they are simply the best canadian band ever, i first saw them back up rush, at massey hall in toronto in 76, wow they blew my mind, and kim mitchell's guitar playing is out of this world, man i'm getting goosebumps just thinking about there music.
30 May 2021 - edmonton. canada

Tim Green
Great job on the site Scott. I remember seeing Max open for Rush A Farewell to Kings in a very small hockey arena in Cornwall. I remember feeling a little more in tune with Chops plus Lunacy as opposed to just Great tunes and delivery. All in all a Great show and a perfect pair. Thanks for the inspiration Lobster's !!
14 May 2021 - Atlanta Ga 2003

Wonderland | |
I was working in the basement last night and I popped in one of my very old cassettes(back when recording music for your personal use was not a crime)and I heard that familiar line... Guess who is reflecting off of your sunglasses....This is in context of the moon....
7 May 2021 - Maple, Ontario

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