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A pleasure to see this webpage - fond memories it does bring, though I am still after all these years saddened that they didn't continue. Kind of like the loss of a brilliant love at first sight, lost to circumstance that left an irreplaceable to fill void. There is absolutely no band that I miss as much (though I saw the reunion tour of some years back in the clubs) as Max, aside from Frank, and well, he really didn't have a lot of choice in the matter.

There simply isn't nor has there been a band like them since. I had the luck of seeing Max perform many times and have been a fan since the first album.

One of my prized possessions is still a cassette of a live show that aired waaaay back when on the radio, some time right after High Class came out. Yea, remember when radio was good? Ha.

Kim has been and continues to be an influence on my playing subconsciously and by now it has been well ingrained for years.

Cherished memories indeed.

12 December 2021 - FrostBittenCanadianBoy

Dano |
By the way I lost my 8-Track (LOL I know) Of "Live Magnetic Air" I'd love to know where I can get a CD of it. Before ya'll I cant get it at Sams here in Sarnia. Also any videos of the Band?
7 December 2021 - Sarnia

Dano |
It's about time!!!!!!!! This is soooo cool seeing the home town boys history etc. Always been a fan of Max Webster They were totally ahead of their time and kinda underappreciated. I took drum lessons from Gary McCracken back in the late eighties...... some really cool stories he had about touring in the 70's with ZZ Top, Rainbow, Molly Hatchet and most of all RUSH. I'll be checking this site out more often now. Great Idea to whomever started this.
7 December 2021 - Sarnia

kevhinton |
Back in the day I was a 15-yr.old Rush/Rock fan and saw the Aug.23/77 AFTKings concert at CNE. First Rush show! (&Max;!)
Some of those hard-partying days are a little blurry now. Though I seem to recall some other outdoor gigs at CNE that featured Max Webster.
I definetly saw them again with the stage opened up,(to field) not towards the grandstand and there are two occassions that come to mind but I hope I'm not duplicating what I saw (maybe they did in fact do both shows but you'll have to research it!) One show was Genesis (in the subway they had large Seconds Out posters up and I know this because I walked out of Lawerence station that night with one!!! The other show was the "World Music Festival" (ha, ha, 1980) that was best known for an awesome Ted Nugent set followed by a near 2hr. delay before the drugged-out Aerosmith could find legs for stage....I remember standing amonst some Max fans in the mid-to-late afternoon sokin' weed and singin' Diamonds, diamonds along with them and it was very cool...
7 December 2021 - TOronto (world-class city!)

Bill Penner |
I first saw Max at the memorial arena here in st thomas ont with fludd and king biscuit boy('73-'74?)I was in grade 7 or 8 and was totally hooked.I snuck in to ye olde city hall to see them(i was under age)saw them at the northside arena here too.zillions of times at the london gardens opening for rush.later saw kims solo shows at christopher's cabaret(a strip joint)mingles in london,canadas wonderland and finally at lulu's in kitchener where i finally had the chance to meet the man face to face.I was so star struck that i couldnt say a word or even pull my hand out of my pocket to shake his!!!!! My wife had a nice chat with him though.she still teases me about it.
21 November 2021 - St.Thomas ontario

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