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Tyler |
Kim Mitchell is a ripppin guitarist!!!
Gary McCracken is a pro drummer!!!
u gotta love Max Webster!!!!!
4 March 2021 - Sarnia!!!!!!

Loomer |
Excellent site! The photos help me unravel a few mysteries about Watkinson's keyboards. But can anyone identify the synth TW put on top of his YC-30 before he put the Odyssey there?
4 March 2021 - Toronto Tonto

Sott Mabee |
New Years Eve, Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens, I think it was 1977,( only because I drove to I was 16)AWESOME concert, was hooked before the concert, but that concert sealed the deal for me. Trying to get all albums on CD now.
2 March 2021 - Langton Ontario

Dale | |
First became acquainted with Max back when they were touring with Rush and had done a little studio work with them.

I've been a big fan ever since.

I was sorry to see that they never really caught on here in the states as I thought they should have.

As far as this 46-year-old geezer-rocker is concerned, they were one of the hottest and best rock bands to ever hit the stage!
19 February 2021 - New Hampshire, USA

georg |
really an excellent site -
respect !!
musical greetz from vienna ...
17 February 2021 - austria

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