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Listen to Kim Mitchell over the internet, Mon-Fri from 2-7pm on Q107 - Classic Rock in Toronto!

Kim Mitchell played the Sweden Rock Festival on June 11, 2005!

Vote for Kim Mitchell for Canada's Walk of Fame!

A Canadian "Metal" band by the name of Eidolon has included a cover of Max Webster's "In Context of the Moon" on the Canadian release of their latest CD, entitled "Apostles of Defiance". An added bonus is that Terry Watkinson joined Eidolon in the studio to play keyboards on the track.
Here is the entire tune in mp3 format (thanks to Glen Drover of Eidolon for giving the OK to this):
In Context of the Moon

What's Glen Drover been up to lately?... (besides joining Megadeth, along with his brother Shawn)... He did a guest "Traffic Jam" on Kim Mitchell's Radio show. The "Traffic Jam" is where Kim plays guitar over a loop of a well known classic rock tune. Glen did an amazing job playing along with Kim's tune "Rocklandwonderland".

Other Stuff

Chris Sutherland - Recent drummer for the Kim Mitchell Band
Other concert photos I have taken.
Pictures of Toronto band SOFA
Pictures of the Kim Mitchell Band at the Tralf nightclub in Buffalo, NY, in October of 2001.
Pictures of the Kim Mitchell Band in Mississauga, Ont. on June 13, 2003.
Pictures of Kim Mitchell Band in London, Ontario on October 31, 2021
Pictures of Kim Mitchell Band at Club 279 in Toronto on March 26, 2004.
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