Kim Mitchell Band
October 31, 2021

These pictures were taken at the First Annual Hawkfest in London, Ontario. This was a call-to-win-tickets event put on by FM 103.9, the Hawk. The first 5 pictures are of people who gather on Kim Mitchell's message board and at his concerts (often referred to as "webbies").

(Click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger image.)

Wulfman awarding Badger the Expedition Sailor Award for having traveled the farthest to attend this concert (Vancouver, B.C. to London, Ontario).

(clockwise from the front) Badger, Dakota_98, Zoolander, Zoolander's buddy (sorry, forgot the name), Mark, Jilly, Eagleeye, Dakota_98_ette

Guitar Wizard looking at photos of Kim which Dakota_98 brought for everyone.

Wulfman, Eagleeye, Mark, Badger and Hystat getting ready to watch Kim plow.

Newfie (center) laughing at picture she just took.

The plowing match began with Chris soloing on the drums.

Peter joined in to begin a jam.

It was then time for Kim to join the jam.

And finally Gary (making a rare and much appreciated appearance) joins the jam.

Kim debuting a new look (a result of some hi-jinks with Chris).

Kim's shoes du jour.

Kim intoducing Jilly (the person and the song) to the crowd.

Kim holding court after the show.