Who is this MAX WEBSTER?

What is this high class curiosity rock and roll in borrowed shoes?
Acute. Silly. Deliberate. Confronting. Alka-Seltzer.

"This four man band is the first Canadian group I've seen in a long, long time that actually has some class.", says David Freestone of the Montreal Star.

MAX WEBSTER is a household word ----- a little hip talk and tomato juice ----- double vision when the bars close down ----- no cigarettes, no matches ----- diamonds diamonds ----- you are an original creation ----- forget that fear of gravity, put a little savagery in your life -----

"An action packed cartoon pastiche of sounds.", says Juan Rodriguez of the Montreal Gazette.

A Toronto based band. Four years generating fun with original material and an up in the sky live performance. What they say is their lives have been outrageous. What they do is image life as outrageous. What is Max Webster? Outrageous Optimism! Max Webster is touring Canada and the United States with encore after encore, capturing fans to the point where the band has been given the pleasing honour of a nickname: THE TORONTO TONTOS...

Stage centre. Kim Mitchell. Guitars. Vocals. Composer. A 6 foot 2 inch 120 pound praying mantis in Italian underwear. Fact: Canadian born and raised on the border near Detroit. Image: A rare species always parading in his fun shoes; shoes that have been around, even to a club on a Greek island where Kim wore out the stage carpet, played guitar, and autographed Swedish girls passports.

Stage right. Mike Tilka. Bass. Vocals. God's gift to ears, and to what sounds make them God's gift. From Indiana, now challenging Canadian wildlife. The Beached Whale, The Grizzly Bear he is called. A director of fun, sensitive and confronting whether beaching or growling during a live concert. The extrovert spokesman of Max Webster ---- "we will push the boundaries of what is considered commercial."

Stage left. Terry Watkinson. Keyboards. Vocals. Composer. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Canada. Born and praised during a thunder clap. An accomplished painter-designer. An accomplished mystery. He is introduced by the band, and receives a standing clapping ovation from the band. Image: weird. Fact: respected. While the band tours, Terry tours the band.

Stage centre. Gary McCracken. Drummer. Born and influenced by the same border town as Mitchell. An ex-caffein-geritol freak, but "... after 27 bands in 7 years I am where I want to be!" A tough teasing drummer. A technical wizard, and a human magnet.

Back stage. Pye Dubois. Write-poet-lyricist. The unseen but heard 5th member of the band, writing Max's lyrics. A multi-lingual loveable sugar-pops bear eccentric. "Diversity is the home of art," he says, "so come and crash at Max's house." As well, born and raised in the same border town as McCracken and Mitchell. Taking an objective view of the band, Pye states, "Max Webster is a seizure."

In a poll of the major critics in Canada -- Nick Collier in Vancouver, Jim Millican in Winnipeg, Peter Goddard in Toronto and Marty Melhuish in Montreal all voted Max Webster the act to break internationally in 1977.

two successful albums of highly unusual diverse rock

laughing with optimism

a turning point   a new rock sensibility