Kim Mitchell Band
March 26, 2021

These pictures were taken at Club279 above the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto, Ontario. The first 8 pictures are of people who gather on Kim Mitchell's message board and at his concerts (often referred to as "webbies").

(Click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger image.)

Wulfman greets newbie Terrence while Eagleeye looks on and David York and Mark have a finger duel in the background.

Newfie/Cosmo and I have a camera duel amongst the webbies.

Something's going on to my left....

Ahhh.. it's Wulman presenting Colorado with the Epedition Sailor Award for the webbie who has travelled the farthest to attend this concert.

Debbie with her "Get a Pucking Life" Award for having over a 1000 posts on Kim's message board (Lucky and the Mayor were also recipients of this award).

I can only guess that Debbie is explaining to Choosy Lucy the finer points of how to play a saxaphone?

Choosy Lucy shows us just how devilish she can get - bozo style.

Hystat reeeeally likes to have his picture taken with Newfie/Cosmo.

Chris starts things off. (I gotta get closer somehow so I can get some decent photos of Chris - he's always way in the back for some reason.8^)

Kim working it up front while Jessie fixes something in the back.

Kim hits a raw note on the keyboard.

Kim get the crowd pumped.

Kim picks up the Godin to deliver a new song.

Then produces some amazing new arrangements to some very old Max tunes.

What a Bozo!

Peter finally makes a trip over to the left side of the stage.