Kim Mitchell Band
June 13, 2021

These pictures were taken at the Mississauga Waterfront Festival before, during and after the Kim Mitchell Band concert. Most of the people shown (other than some members of the band and crew) are members of Kim Mitchell's "message board" at I want to thank Wulfman for jogging my memory on some of the names here. (Memory dropouts from a misspent youth - I'm sure you know what I mean. 8^)

(Click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger image.)

- Scott.F

kmb - 06/13/03






Jesse (Kim's son)


Peter & Kim working on lyrics for
"2 Up 2 Be Down"

Chris & Peter

nucklhed & TDIBRO groovin' to
"Slow Boat To China From Regina"

Sydney (Stashman's daughter), all
dressed upand ready to RAWK!

(clockwise from front) Wulfman,
ChoosyLucy, TDIBRO, eagleeye, catseye

(back) ChoosyLucy, newfie, catseye
(front) Wulfman

eagleeye, catseye, almcphee, nyjohn

(front)Wulfman, nucklhed
(back) ChoosyLucy, Wulfette, catseye, almcphee

newfie, TDIBRO

eagleeye, Wulfman, Mrs. Stashman

craigbaxter, ChoosyLucy, Wulfette

Jilly, Katie, TDIBRO, craigbaxter

TDIBRO, craigbaxter, nucklhed

Jilly & Mark encouraging Kim
during Oh War!

Michael (Wulfman's son), Chris, Andy,
TDIBRO, nucklhed, Wulfman