max logo Mike, Kim, Paul, Terry

Max on stage with Kim looking straight at you. (June '77) Max in a high school shower room. (Jan. '78) Max on stage with Kim leaping. (June '77) Mike reacts as the spirit enters him. (Mar. '75) What are you looking at? (June '77) Say what? (Jan. '78) Terry 1 (Jan. '78) Max plays the New Yorker after a long cross Canada tour. (Mar. '77) Dave 1 (Jan. '78) Kim (March '77) Max with backup singers prior to concert at Massey Hall. (June '77) Terry & Kim (June '77) Gary (Mar. '77) Gary & Kim (June '77) Terry & Kim (June '77) Terry (Jan. '78) Terry & Kim (June '77) If you don't get that camera out of my face.... (Jan. '77) ....what did I say about that camera? (July '77) Dave (Jan. '78) Paul (Oct. '76) Paul (Oct. '76) Doing the Indian rope trick using a guitar cord. (June '77) Pye Dubois in Sarnia ('76 ?)