I remember seeing the Rock Show of the Yeomen while in high school in Sarnia. They were a band from Toronto that played throughout Southwestern Ontario in the late 60's and early 70's. They had evolved from a band called Dee and the Yeomen, which had been started by British vocalist Graham Dunnett in 1965.

The following information was gathered from a number of different pages I found on the web.

LEN LYTWYN gtr, sax

Say Baby/You Should Know It (Wolff 101) 1965
Take The First Train Home/Why Why Why (Can-Cut 8880) 1965
Take The First Train Home/Why Why Why (Bell 633) 1965
A Love Like Mine/Begone Begone (Reo 8909) 1966
Baby It's All Worthwhile/Broken Hearted Melody (Reo 8940) 1966
In A Minute Or Two/Afraid Of Love (Reo 8966) 1966
Village Girl b/w Afraid of Love - Reo 8993X - 1967
We Are The Dream b/w The Chains - Mainstream 701 - 196?

This outfit operated in and around Toronto, Ontario, between 1965-66. Graham Dunnett came from England and played in several bands there including The Starliners, who once shared the bill at the 'Star Club' in Hamburg with The Beatles and Gerry and The Pacemakers for a six week period. After this he headed for Canada where he formed Dee and The Yeomen. Most of their recordings were Merseybeat, but Baby It's All Worthwhile, which later resurfaced on Nightmares From The Underworld, Vol. I, is considered by many to be one of Canada's best punk singles of the era and it also made the Top 20.

Terry Watkinson was born in Fort William, Ontario, and had previously been with an outfit called Sonny and The Sequins before being recruited to the band in the Autumn of 1964. Lytwyn was from Montreal, Quebec. Their second 45 was a hit and brought them lots of gigs around Toronto, Ontario and Montreal. They later became known as Dee and The Quotum and later still The Yeomen.