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Norm Banville |
Discovered this great website, really cool pics !! I am from Sarnia and last ran into you guys in Calgary in early 80's. Went back stage with Gary and then off to a bar downtown where I drank way to much Scotch ! Went sliding down the bobsled hills the next day. I think you guys went across the pond with Rush after that tour. Love you guys, a fantastic career !! Still here Max and Kim a lot here in Vancouver. Looking for pics of Rose gardens ??? Take care guys !!! All the best for 2006 !! Norm Banville
11 December 2021 - Vancouver, BC

I have been a Kim Mitchell fan since the beginning....I have been lucky enough to meet him several times....he is always ahead of his time.....when I am fortunate enough to get out to a show, you will find me front row bobbin and weavin....including the very first time I saw Max Webster back in can go and vote for Kim Mitchell to get a star at the Canadian Walk of Fame by logging onto and please do it before the end of this month....every vote counts!!!! GO! KIM! GO!
6 December 2021 - Somewhere near Barrie, Ontario

zoot_aloors |
hi again scott. i have a date that you can add to the tour list. i saw the reunion tour January 19th. 1996.
the venue was Front 54, Thorold, Ontario.
this show was too cool, and the band didn't seem to miss a beat.
30 November 2021 - niagara, ontario

Matt Szucs
I'm takin guitar lessons form Gary McKraken(not sure on spellin sorry Gary)
24 November 2021 - sarnia ontario

Gary McCracken
The album cover for Magnetic Air is a painting done by Robert Reed.I have the original painting.The painting was done from memory I guess.The record company asked him to re-do the original because the people in the front had beers and were smoking something...our kinda audience
20 November 2021

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